Sunday, November 13, 2016

Laughable Jokes

Laughable Jokes

1. Verbal game

Husband – Hey, can you allow me to speak something?
Wife – Sure, but in one condition.
Husband – What’s that?
Wife – You need to give up fast food for a month.
Husband – Okay done

*After sometimes*

Husband – I am giving up fast food for a month.
After knowing, husband says “Sorry, I mean, I am giving up. Fast food for a month.


2. Hot temperature

Boyfriend – What a hot night it was yesterday, wasn’t it?

Girlfriend – What do you mean? I was not with you last night. With whom you were? Tell me the truth. Say something, why are you silent. Speak up.

Boyfriend – Ohh. I was talking about the temperature in the atmosphere.


3. Movie question

Host – How was your experience working with such experienced actors?

Actor 1 – It was great fun working with them all. I learned a lot

Host – But there were some instances in the movie which were very intimate. So who’s behind the story?

Actor 2 – It’s Director.


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